MARITIME Shippers Council, TLEA parley towards excellence in Nigerian transport sector

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MARITIME Shippers Council, TLEA parley towards excellence in Nigerian transport sector

The Nigerian Shippers Council (NRC) and the Transport and Logistics Excellence Awards (TLEA) are partnering to foster efficiency in the Nigerian transportation sector.
Speaking to newsmen in a Abuja on Thursday, an Assistant Chief in ICT with  the Council, Pauline Osasna said the collaboration is geared towards  excellence.
Osasna said “We have always been in synergy with any organisation that promotes the economy of Nigeria in the transport sector.
“We work together with a lot of organisation, we corporate with them and whenever we can lend a hand, we usually do. He added that the transport sector is key to the development of the country.
The Council and the TLEA are organising an award of excellence for stakeholders who have done well in the sector by way of employment and infrastructural development.
Earlier, the CEO of Motor Vehicle Administration Academy, Segun Obayendo who is also the Coordinator of TLEA revealed that the group was conceived with the  aim of recognising individuals, public and private corporations and any entity deserving of the recognition on their contributions in the transport industry.
He said “the Motor Vehicle Administration Academy (MVAA) is the arrow head of this project. MVAA prides itself as the number one in delivering cutting edge technologies and pioneering the Computerised Vehicle Inspection.
“The academy provides quality training and support on Motor Vehicle Administration Processes. However, for the first time in Nigeria, the country is going to experience the beauty, glamour and sophistication of a truly authentic transportation sector award comprising all the modes of transportation: Sea, Land, Air and Rail” he stated.
Obayendo noted that, “the TLEA team is much committed to showcasing the fine blend of opportunities, resources, gains and frontiers that have been broken in pursuing a safer way of transportation for the benefits of the public”.
He said the project is aimed at showcasing to the public the resource at their disposal in transportation industry.
“Some of the nominees have deployed technology, create seamless process for operations and also opened up Opportunities that can be maximised by players in the industry. As a result of this award, so many people will know how much the transportation sector in the country has evolved to compete favourably with other nations” he stated.
source: Businessday
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