About The Award

The Transport and Logistics Excellence Award (TLEA) is a celebration of the innovative stakeholders, outstanding performers and stellar minds in the Nigerian transportation sector.

Celebration of Stakeholders


he award celebrates stakeholders who have been strategic in promoting sustainable development in the transportation sector for the singular purpose of ensuring safety of lives and properties.
Specifically, the TLEA award celebrates the future of the transportation sector and heralds a definitive moment in creating quality service delivery, public services integrity, customer relations, and priority of lives to road users among others.

The Transport and Logistics Excellence Award (TLEA) is the highest honour accorded to stakeholders to recognize their outstanding achievements as a way to reward them for their contributions in the transportation sector such as:

1. Improving traffic management and enforcement
2. Establishing policies for functional and accessible road construction.
3. Deployment of technology and innovations in transport service delivery.
4. Setting an enviable standard in Customer Relations.
5. Promoting a healthier environment
6. Capacity development and enhancing quality service development
7. Supporting expansions in the transportation industry
8. Cultivating connections to ease the process of doing business in transportation sector
9. Promoting safety of lives and properties on the roads through sound value system and discharge of duties with a high level of professionalism.



he transportation sector, as a major industry in any economy, generates over 48% of revenue and employment.
Despite this feat, in Nigeria, it is one sector that has been characterized by apathy to embrace global practices that could have improved the safety of lives and properties of commutters, create more jobs, reduce accidents, ensure safer roads and make the sector generally more attractive.
Nevertheless, despite its challenges, the sector has witnessed some remarkable success and triumphs. This is despite the fact that the sector has had no industry award programme designed as an effective performance management tool toward motivations for excellent service delivery, improvement and general promotions of safety.
To this end, the TLEA Award is poised to recognise stakeholders who have played an active role and demonstrated competence and capabilities in supporting the Nigerian transportation industry.
To achieve this, there will be different categories of awards to celebrate stakeholders drawn from both the public and private sector.

The Transport and Logistics Excellence Award (TLEA) is the highest honour accorded to stakeholders to recognize their outstanding achievements


Rationale for the Award

Several studies and researches have pointed to many variables that has over time affected the Nigerian transportation sector such as

• Poor /low safety awareness
• Poorly constructed road maintenance
• Unworthiness of motor vehicles
• Uniformed drivers
• National low budget
• Sustainable polices and funding
• Inadequate training of traffic management
• Road infrastructure etc.
• Inadequate security on the roads and parks
• Misplacing of safety and revenue etc.

However these shortcomings, the TLEA (Award) will bridge the gap between advocacy for a holistic transport reforms and recognition of outstanding exemplary performance in the industry.
It is believed that this recognition and celebration of deserving individuals and organizations will birth a new breed of committed professionals and capable public officers who are driven and motivated by pursuit of exemplary service and the urge to compete using the industry best practices.


The scope of the inaugural award will feature eight (8) categories of award and selection of transportation ambassadors with a year tenure. All awardees will be drawn from the public and private sectors.