The Public Sector Nomination

Nominees will be drawn from Ministries, Departments and Agencies, with mandates to provide service delivery in the transportation sector.

The Private Sector; nominations and Awardees will be drawn from:

• Transport companies
• Transport union /associations
• Road construction companies
• Automobile Companies
• Conglomerates
• Transportation consultants
• Financial institutions
• State Government
• Traffic Management Agencies
• Security institutions
• Telecommunications Company
• Health institutions (hospital)Paramedics
• NGO’S / Civil Societies

AWARD PROFILE: Transport and Logistics Excellence Award

Award Profile: This is the most prestigious and unique transportation award that is earned through a combination of organizational qualities, exceptional ability, safety innovations and practices, best practices and superior leadership in safety matters to be assessed by a specially constituted nominee selection committee and the general public (through voting)

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for nominations for the TLEA award, all nominees must have initiated policies/ actions that have achieved the following:
• Road network coverage
• Traffic management
• Less /minimal road accident
• Less accident